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Missing the wedding of my pal

Whenever something special happens, I have been far away. I am in Australia right now while Ramesh had a wedding in Nepal the day before yesterday. I was in Dadeldhura while Prakash and Sanju had a wedding in Kathmandu. I wish now, I could be the part of such moments in the coming days of mine friends. Hope I can be there and enjoy the precious moments of their life.

Missing my Pals badly

Life is really weird and lonely without frens and family.

In the past few days….

Australia is very hard to live if you don't work. The craziest part I think is that we can work, we can study, we can earn but it's very hard to save. If you are saving then, that's awesome.

My first Birth day

Nov 4 - Last week, it was my Birthday. So, Am I one year older now or Is my life one year shorter.....?????? Whatever..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The interesting part is that I have never ever celebrated my Birthday like this. It's the first time in my life where I celebrated with cakes. So, I called it First ...

Fifteen years ago……… later

''What's your aim?'' ''I want to be a football player.'' Fifteen years ago, when I was a schoolboy, I only had one aim - that was to be a football player. Fifteen years later, now I am a uni-boy, I had no any goal. I am aimless. I am confused. I am lost. Well, it's ...

Shots in Australia

I am really fond of photography. I don't have DLSR camera but recently, I bought Huawei Mate 9 mobile and I really love its image quality. Here are some of the snaps I have taken in Australia.

The same routine

''Wish Life has been as expected. But the truth is that it never happens and this is what I really loved about.'' I can't believe Dashain is Next Saturday. Did I really spend around three months in Australia? How is that possible? But I feel like I just came here yesterday. I can't figure out ...

Life is going on in Australia

"Please uncle, Please dad, send me some amount. I need to pay for college fee within next week. I have been working hard here but could save only around 3000 dollars in this three month. So, please send me some amount even by education loan. I will pay the interest every month. It's really hard ...

The beginning of Struggle in Australia

TownHall, Australia's one of the busiest place where it actually feels like I am really in Australia. I was sitting near by the tree where people come and have some rest. Actually, I was one hour earlier to work. So, I thought it is best to take some rest before going for work. A beautiful ...

Destination Australia

It has been two weeks in Australia and I am still searching for Job. Got calls and interviews from some but results are still pending. I am sure everything will be fine and good in the coming days. 6 months ago...... I have always desired to go abroad as I spent more than 25 years ...