Are Today’s graduates ready for the Job world?

Many graduates after completing their graduation take longer time to get their first entry in the job market. Lack of job opportunities is not the reason behind it since most of the employers figured out that graduates may hold satisfactory qualification but they lack soft skills (Archer & Davison, 2008). Employers are more interested on their personal traits and soft skills than their degree qualification (Tymon, 2013). Only 24% of the Universities graduates are defined as an excellent by the Employers (Cabellero, C. L., & Walker, 2010). This shows graduates are not work ready and they still lack the basic skills required for their job title.

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Rest in Peace TAYYAB

” Birth and death are only the two things in our life which can’t be predicted.”

so true,

There was a Pakistani guy named Tayyab who worked for around one month where I am working now. Like me, he hardly used to talk with other. He was polite and honest.

Today, I got news that he suicide. He was lost in 17th April. He jumped into the Nepean river and his body was found nearby the river.

An unbelievable and unexpected news.

A heartbreaking news.

I still can feel his voice and remember the way he used to talk with me.

Rest in Peace Tayyab.