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Development and leadership for professional Part 1. (Personal leadership skills for your career)

Do you want to be a Manager?


Do you want to be an inspirational Leader?

The choice is your………………

Well, I have always been keen in learning the leadership skills and I believe that I have been doing a lot of improvement on my skills and personal behavior to enhance my leadership qualities.

One of the best method to gain those key leadership attribute is to do research and apply on daily life style. However, the availability of videos on social media can be the best tool at the moment.

Recently, I have found the key 18 major topics on Development and leadership for professional through my university moddle site which are very relevant and most learnt toolkit for every students like me who want to develop their leadership skill. Since there are 18 topics, I have been learning them one by one with time and understanding the key concept.

So, here I am going to share all those key concepts with you one by one. This is just the summarize version.

Part 1: Personal leadership skills for your career

Note: Leadership skills are relevant to any role or level

There are three key areas of development:
Management Skill
  • Such as Finance, people development skills, delegation, marketing, sales, people skills
  • can be learnt through courses, experiences, boss, training


  • Accountability
  • Determination and focus
  • Positivity
  • Can be achieved through use visualization and relaxation techniques, smart techniques

Values and Beliefs

  • Living and breathing your generated values
  • Setting an example


For more information, please click on the link below:


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Niraj Thapa Magar

I believe not just in learning but actually sharing with others.
I am NIRAJ............. an individual who love peace, talk less but listen more and a shy - little bit.
Currently, I am studying Master of Management in CQUniversity, Sydney.
I am exploring my life in order to make it better and to find the genuine purpose of life.

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