Old camera and the moments

I still remember that day. Timer clock was close to Zer0 and we were almost ready in our best position. Suddenly, someone came close to us. We tried to get him out of the way but at that time, it was too late and the result can be seen on the image below:


A goat while we were on shoot

It was back in the year 2003/04 while we were at Thankot for the picnic. In those days, there was hardly someone with a digital camera. We had a Kodak camera with Kodak reel and a pair of lion battery. Well, we had to wait for two days to get the photos. That two days would be so long to wait for us. As soon as we got the photos, our excitement level was beyond our control. Those photos were the parts of our happiness. We used to keep those photos for the future so that we could see them and remember these beautiful moments. I still have those photos on my Daraz.

Well, who had imagined taking a photo will be so easy and quick? Now, everybody has a camera and everybody is a photographer.

Technology has been so much innovated that my this camera has become a history.


My camera


Here are some of the past photos that I still have:


A trip to Saankhu
Picnic @ Hilary
A Dhaniya pose
DON para




Author: Niraj Thapa Magar

I believe not just in learning but actually sharing with others. I am NIRAJ............. an individual who love peace, talk less but listen more and a shy - little bit. Currently, I am studying Master of Management in CQUniversity, Sydney. I am exploring my life in order to make it better and to find the genuine purpose of life.

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