Month: April 2017

Success Mantras by Nepal’s first Billionaire, BINOD CHAUDHARY

His journey to a billionaire is not a one day or one year journey; it’s more than four decades of a long journey in the field of business.

Marriage – A DEAL

A son has become a joy while the daughter has become a curse.

We are so called educated but are we?

We were at the University and there were no one below Bachelor level. Everybody were so called educated. But when we looked at their behavior, it was very hard to say were they really educated?

Two Millionaires

It doesn't matter what the situation is but it does matter how you response it. The same situation can make you or break you. It depends upon how you take it.

Most read….. It’s just a few minutes

Some lines can change our life.


A simple quote can change your life.

Laxman Karki – from failure to success

When you start to give, you will start to receive.

For Entrepreneur – A most read (in context of Nepal)

One does not need money to be an entrepreneur, s/he needs customers.