Month: March 2017

If they can, why you can’t?

If they can do it, why can't you?

Forgive and Forget

The main cause of conflict in our life is due to the fact that we never forgive and never let the past move away.

A baby and the Life

Problems are not for skipping.

Inside Nepal- a traveling photography

Life is a journey to travel.

लूट २ – समिक्षा

I just enjoyed the movie but I don't like it.

Nuwakot – The 30th district

Nuwakot became the 30th district in my list. Yes, when I counted the number of districts I have visited, it reached to 30th today after I got a chance to see the Nuwakot Durbar. Here are some of the glimpse of my visit. Due to the last 7.8 magnitudes earthquake, Nuwakot Durbar has been destroyed ...


I think there is hardly someone who else don't like flowers. Neither I am a flower expert nor a botanist but I do love flowers. So, here are the some of the close up of flowers that I have found in one of my friend's house. I have no any idea about them. I just ...

Some Glimpse of holi

We just made it simple and sweet. A group of friends gathered in the Basantapur Durbar square in Bento Cafe in a lovely environment with funny gossips, friendship, foods and the moments that made this holi a memorable one.

Old Hilary, New Hilary

Sometimes it is better to remember our past, especially those memories that bring a smile to our face. Nowadays, we keep on growing & growing. We are so much focus only on future that we hardly remember our past. We are working so hard just to get that one smile but we have never realised ...


काठमाडौँमा जहिले दुईओटा कुरा हुन्छ - घाम लाग्यो भने धुलो उड्छ, पानी पर्यो भने हिलो हुन्छ