Hilary – The glimpse of Saraswoti Puja


Hello girls, look at here – I said.

Then, they gave a pose and I just took one shot.

Children posing for shot

Wednesday Magh 19, 2073. It was a Saraswoti Puja.

After nearly about five years, I had a chance to visit my school – Hilary. I was happy to attend the ceremony. Moreover, I was pleased to get back those good memories.

Saraswoti puja where we worship our God of education – Goddess Saraswoti.

This time Hilary was celebrating differently.


It was nice to meet Kailash sir who has been now CEO, Anand sir whose contribution and hard works in Hilary is worth it, juniors brothers & sisters and some seniors too.

Some changes found in Hilary:

  1. Building were renovated.



2. Sports Event organisation



3. CCTV installation



4. Organised Canteen


5. The students


6. The restrooms


Here are the others glimpses :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Author: Niraj Thapa Magar

I believe not just in learning but actually sharing with others. I am NIRAJ............. an individual who love peace, talk less but listen more and a shy - little bit. Currently, I am studying Master of Management in CQUniversity, Sydney. I am exploring my life in order to make it better and to find the genuine purpose of life.

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