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Change the way you think

Some of the videos are so inspiring that it really touches deep inside your heart. It makes you realize the truth and changes your concept. It changes the way you think. Our Life is what we think. All the circumstances around us are the result of our thoughts. So, it […]

Lets support this campaign

“Radical Subjectivity” Despite the negative effects new technologies have brought into society, there are also positive things, particularly campaigners are taking advantage of it. Internet is a democratic tool which allows anyone with online access to communicate, express opinions, and organize and promote protests (Romanos and Sábido: 2013). Since everyone […]

Another side of Facebook

Well, finally Donald Trump became the President of USA. Some were joyed while some were against it. Mixed reactions. People were still talking about Brexit. The future of Britain. Ronaldo won the Best FIFA player. A war between Ronaldo and Messi fans was going on. I was quite upset because I love […]