Trust me, I am really bad on taking selfies and whenever you want a bad selfie, remember me. hahahaha…. Just kidding. Not as bad as you think and not as good as I think to be. Though I never stop taking selfies because I love it. Well, I don’t have high megapixel camera. What do I have is Micro-max Canvas with 2 MP front camera and 8 MP back. It seems too cheap for someone but this is what I can afford right now and I am enjoying with it .

Life is about enjoying the things you have rather than regretting the things that you don’t have. Not my words, heard from somewhere but its true.

Last year in September, after two years, I visited my village. My village is in Ramechhap. I could still feel that massive earthquake effect in my village. Almost all the houses of villagers were destroyed. Thanks god, no any casualties.

Everybody were busy in making homes. But I was the one taking selfies with them. Actually, I rarely visit my village. So, I want to keep those memories alive with taking selfies with them. Never know, there may or may not be next time.

Here are the selfies.

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