Well, at this moment, Dangal has broken every records and heading towards a new landmark in Bollywood. Congratulation to the Mr. Perfectionist and the team.

After four days of released, I watched this movie in KL Tower, FCUBE in chabahil, Kathmandu, Nepal with my best pal Shreeram. Well,it was a tuesday, there is a special discount every tuesday. So, we grabbed that offer.

I have always been a fan of Mr. Perfectionist . His films are always a source of inspiration to me. With Dangal, he again proved that he is the khan of khan than other khans.

The story is about a man- a Wrestler who has desired to win a Gold medal in the international match but never succeeded. He wanted to fulfill his desire through his son. But unfortunately, his wife gave birth to daughters one by one and had four daughters in advance. So, he lost his desire and his hope. But one day, his neighbors complained that her sons were so badly beaten by his daughters. Then, it stroke in his mind that a gold is gold whether it is won by a son or a daughter. So, he started to train his daughters to fulfill his desire and the story move ahead with the struggle he has to face in his way.

This is a most watch movie for the young generation. It is worth to watch it.


Author: Niraj Thapa Magar

I believe not just in learning but actually sharing with others. I am NIRAJ............. an individual who love peace, talk less but listen more and a shy - little bit. Currently, I am studying Master of Management in CQUniversity, Sydney. I am exploring my life in order to make it better and to find the genuine purpose of life.

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