Month: January 2017

A man , an Artist and the sketch

Pen, pencil, brush, paper, board everything were there. A man took a brush. a paper in his board and started to sketch a man opposite to him. Then, a group of people started to surround him including me. This was the scenario in Pashupatinath. Every time I visit the place, this scenario has been common ...

I love to visit this place again and again.

How would you feel when you visit one of your favorite childhood place  and it makes you as if you were there? Every time I visit this place, it reminds me of my childhood. All those flashback comes dancing in my eyes and I love it. Yesterday, once again I visited this place and this ...

Wall painting

Expressing views and opinion through wall painting.

Eyes of Window

We call it AAkhi jhyaal. The eyes of Windows.  

The man with a god

In hinduism, there is someone who helps you to connect with god. They are called priest.  Usually, in most Hindu temples, priests have an important role. They carry out mantras and the methodology so that your wishes will be heard by the god. They are the mediator between Gods and people.


An angel is someone who is always there for you when you are in pain. You only need to have a faith on you.

A journey through Bike

Travelling through bike is one of the best moment you can feel in your life.

When I were a kid !!!!!!!

''Life is what between birth and death.''  Life has stages to face with time. It starts with birth, then, infancy, Childhood, Teenage, Adult, old age and finally end with death. Which is the best stage of your life? Can you tell? Well, I am in the preliminary stage of my adulthood. I have experienced all ...

म, संजिव अनि बाल्यकाल

संजिव ओइ संजिव । छिटो गर्न । हजुर आमालाई toilet आइसक्यो रे क्या ..... एक घण्टा भईसक्यो , के गरेर बस्छ यो ? बिहान बिहानै माइजु कराउदै हुनुह्नुथ्यो । मलाई पनि अचम्म लाग्थ्यो ।  यति सानो उमेरमा नै पाएल्स भयो कि क्या हो केटोलाई   ? - मनमनै सोचे । पछि पो थाहा भो । भित्र बसेर केटो त मज्जाले mobile मा गेम ...


Lost the way

'' What is your aim?'' Our tutor was asking each of my friends while we were in class 9. So, my friends expressed what they wanted to be in future. ''Doctor'' - Bishal. ''Bike Racer'' - Shreeram. ''Artist'' - Sandeep. ''Doctor'' - Umyes ''Electrical Engineer'' - Menaka ''Businessman'' - Sanjeev and it was my turn. ...