” The hardest part of blogging is getting started ,” says Jeff Goins. Its really a true saying because two years ago, I signed up to start this blog  but today, this is my first post . I was really confused- how to start, what to start and for whom to start. I really love blogging but was always scared to start.

Jeff is right – ”The waiting isn’t a hardest part, getting started is. Do something, anything. Just get started. ”

I’m really inspired by his saying. So, finally, I decided to give a start. Its never too late to give a start.

Its been more than a month after I resigned from a job. Dropped my CV to some of the big companies but no any responses. So, I thought this is the best time for me to give a start and utilize my free time. As my tag line is – Enjoy learning and Enjoy sharing. So, I would like to share experiences of my life through this blog.

” Keep following, enjoy learning and enjoy sharing.”