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Bondi to Coogee Coastal walk

Walking on the coastal line is one of the best thing to do in Australia. In Sydney, there is nothing better than spending time on the coastal. Bondi to Coogee coastal walk has been my most finest moment ever since I came to Sydney. The two hours long on the […]

खुकुरी रमको कमाल

आँखा खुल्यो । झ्याल बाट बाहिर हेरे – अझै अध्यारै । हैन यो बिहान हुन पनि कति time लाग्दो रहेछ – मनमनै सोचे । टाउको दुख्ला जस्तो, कस्तो uneasy feel भएको । डकार मा पनि ग्यास्ट्रिकको स्वाद – नेपालीहरुको common बेथा । म पनि तेस बाट टाडा हुन सकिन । […]

A year in Australia

Time is continuous. It never stops even if we feel like that everything is as usual. Let me Congratulate first…… My first year in Australia It’s been a year in Australia and I feel like how fast the time passed away here in Australia. It feels like I was here […]

Why Team Dysfunction?

Have you ever experienced a failure in your Team Work? Well, many of us probably say Yes. But the point here is have you ever tried to find out the particular cause of the failure? The first thing many people usually do is to blame other members to be in […]

Sydney Train life

One thing I hate most about Sydney Train is ” Why the heck it is so expensive?” I hardly find it worth because most of the time, it was always delayed. And sometime it even cancelled the moving train on its way. Last Sunday, I was on my way to […]

Rest in Peace TAYYAB

” Birth and death are only the two things in our life which can’t be predicted.” so true, There was a Pakistani guy named Tayyab who worked for around one month where I am working now. Like me, he hardly used to talk with other. He was polite and honest. […]